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Driveway Construction Design

Your driveway is an important part of your landscaping because it gives guests and neighbors a first impression of your home. It is also likely that your driveway will be driven on every day. That means in addition to looking good, it needs to be durable and functional.

At Creative Landscapes by Patrick Thomas Inc., our custom driveway construction will help you build an inviting entryway to your property. By selecting quality materials and attractive edging, your driveway will be a stunning addition to your landscape.

Designing Your New Driveway

A well-designed driveway will take into account the surrounding landscape as well as your home’s architectural style. Additionally, the width and layout of your driveway will impact how accessible your home is. There are a variety of layout options for residential driveways you can choose from to accommodate your needs. Your next decision is to choose the best material to use to pave your driveway, considering your budget and design goals.

Please contact us to discuss your driveway project in more detail, or to schedule an on-site consultation. 

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