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It’s all about curb appeal!

A Stylish Entrance is the perfect place to make a lasting first impression. Walkways, sidewalks and steps can be constructed to show off your style and welcome guests to your home. Entrance ways draw attention and create eye appeal for the front of your house. Using either pavers or stone, we will create an entrance that is warm, inviting and welcoming.

A picturesque entry that frames your home and showcases the beauty of your landscape is charming and visually appealing. A creatively designed entryway enhances curb appeal, boosts your home’s resale value, and provides an inviting entrance for your friends, family, and guests to enjoy.

Creative Landscapes by Patrick Thomas, Inc. will develop a customized entryway that presents a gorgeous window to your home. Whether classic or contemporary, colorful or neutral, we can design an elegant entry that combines traditional landscaping features with outdoor lighting for a powerful visual effect.

 To discuss  creating your a new entrance way, please contact us to schedule your on-site consultation.

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