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Walkways that say “Welcome”

A. Creative Landscapes by Patrick Thomas
Creative landscapes by Patrick Thomas Natural Steps 2
G. Creative Landscapes by Patrick Thomas

When landscaping a yard, walkways often get overlooked. Stone adds a stunning, yet functional dimension to your outdoor space. By installing Natural Stone Pathways throughout your yard, you can create a welcoming area to explore your lawn or garden. If a paver patio is situated in the center of the yard, a natural stone walkway is a perfect path to your outdoor living space that also adds to its beauty and charm.

Creative Landscapes by Patrick Thomas Inc. Natural stone pathways can be constructed from a variety of materials, and depending on the unique design for your property, the finest materials will be selected so that they compliment the design and enhance the appearance of your lawn or garden. Whether a Natural Stone pathway or an eclectic collection of mismatched stones is your preference, we can design and implement the perfect pathway for your outdoor space.

When you are ready to add a Natural Stone Pathway to your Landscape, please contact us to discuss your project or to schedule your complimentary on-site consultation.

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