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Planters are a key component to many outdoor landscapes and indoor floral displays. At Creative Landscapes by Patrick Thomas Inc., our unique planter designs can be used in a larger architectural landscaping project or as a stand-alone design. Homeowners that choose a customized planter design will be given the plant containers, pottery, and additional furnishings or accessories.

For landscaping an urban terrace or a sprawling estate, planters are a wonderful way to add visual appeal to the property, boost its resale value, and incorporate a distinctive style into the landscape. We will create a planter design that elevates your property’s aesthetic appeal and results in a natural atmosphere with a unique charm and beauty.

A planter design may include perennials, aromatic flowers, lush plants, or a lovely combination of green plants and beautiful flowers. These planters are an excellent choice to add natural beauty to your surroundings cost-effectively. These visually stunning arrangements can be easily maintained so that you can enjoy the beautiful display year round.

H. Creative Landscapes by Patrick Thomas
Planter Box Creative Landscapes by Patrick Thomas #3

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